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CloudReady Default Chronos Password

Neverware leverages open source Chromium for their CloudReady product. It's a lifesaver for old hardware in the house that you want to build for family that you know you do not want to give a Windows or Linux laptop to. All they will do is call you so Chromebooks make it easy. If you do not have the money to buy a Chromebook or you just want to use the hardware that is already available. Use CloudReady. Since the company uses the official Chromium OS from Google. They aren't doing any copyright infringement and they are allowed to sell and distribute the open source version of the OS, unlike unapproved "clones" that will be hammered down by Google. You get the best of both worlds with Google's ChromeOS and your own old or newer hardware you want to re-purpose. If you want to still use Ubuntu or a Linux variant for testing, simulations or something advanced, you can use Crouton if you don't want to bother with dual booting. Since it's a "developer

How to Delete Your Facebook Account

Did you have a real job? Are you an internet age baby (90's, 2000's) and have a job and a real life that doesn't revolve around social media. Do you actually TALK to people and use text messages. Well...let's get your life back. You can delete Facebook and be done with it. If you are going to school, learning something new or important, studying a language, memorizing the Qur'an, writing a novel or planning your trip to a beautiful country where you will be disconnected from the Internet. You can delete your Facebook account. Get out and talk to people! Volunteer or do something actually valuable with your time. 1. Click this link (You Need to be Logged In):  2. The account will then be deactivated for 14 days (It's not deleted yet). 3. Do no login to Facebook. Delete the Facebook AND Messenger apps from your phone. 4. Resist...resist...fight it!!! 5. Find a hobby, learn a language on Duolingo, get

Top 7 Paying IT Certifications of 2016

What certifications actually matter in 2017 and are hot and will actually pay you? DevOps : AWS SysOps : Linux Skills (DevOps/Systems Engineer/Administration) : LPIC - RHCE/RHCSA/RHEV - Azure : Google Certified Professional - Cloud Architect : Certified Ethical Hacker : Nutanix Platform Professional / Nutanix Platform Expert Lastly, you need some kind of college educa

Cybersecurity Training for Less than $300!!

Ok. Since the IT Market is going in the following avenues and you plan on staying in IT and making more than US $100,000 a year. You need to practice. Also, one of the joys of learning and staying in IT is the ability to resolve the problem everyone learning on the cheap has to do. Even though I can likely buy a fancy schmancy $600 or $1500 laptop. I like to keep it inexpensive and cheap and actually focus on learning. Tools: 1. Chromebook (US $100-$500). CPU's are what jumps the cost. Stick with Intel CPU's. 2. RAM from Amazon (Prime get's it to the house quicker) 3. Crouton (with -e encryption: ) 4. Kali-Rolling / Ubuntu (Depending on if you need VirtualBox to run Window$) 1. Put your Chromebook into Developer Mode (ESC+Restart Key+Power Button) 2. CTRL+D 3. CTRL+D, Machine will wipe into Developer Mode 4. Connect to your wireless and log back in (recreate your profile by enabling your sync) 5. Launch a Terminal Shell (CT

Lockdown Adobe Reader Document Cloud

Do you have a template and no volume license? Do not install the bulk junk for Adobe. It will not only drive your users/family insane. It will just lead to people calling you with a bunch of unnecessary questions. 1. Download Adobe Reader:  2. Don't install the junk toolbar, etc. (Install Chrome if your in the real world!) 3. Hack the registry...If you don't know what your likely shouldn't be doing this. If you do, hey...have at it! Adobe Document Cloud Registry Edits Copy this link if your worried about clicking on links. You have to disable what is important to you and your business/organization/school. 1. Disable all of the options that you do not want your user's to have access to use or see. Disable every single option below for people to only open .PDF files and that's i

How to Install Windows 7 or 10 Using VMware PVSCSI Drivers

Ok. So... installing VMware PVSCSI Adapters on a VM is a pain in the neck if you don't know how to do it. So...I want to save people some time. I figured out this is the fastest and less complicated process to get this done. These VM's are good for anything that requires speed. Thanks Carl for your blog for VMware View! 1. Reference VMware KB article: 1a. The trick is to use 2 CD/DVD drives!! 1b. Add your second (2nd) CD/DVD !! 2. Create your VM. Make sure that your CD/DVD IDE is 0:0 or it won't boot to Windows.  VMware Tools .ISO file should be 0:1 . 3. DO NOT use the VMware Tools that comes with the ESXi host installation. Use the Latest VMware Tools. As of this blog entry. The latest VMware Tools release is 10.0.9 . This is the Official Location for VMware Tools. Do not d

What is the Port for KMS?

What is the Port for KMS? (1688)