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CLI (CMD) - Command prompts for Windows

Command prompts for Windows Some are for XP Only, Some are for Vista, Windows 7, Windows Servers, etc. Give them a try! A more structured list with examples are coming soon. Control Panel CONTROL : opens the control panel window CONTROL ADMINTOOLS : opens the administrative tools CONTROL KEYBOARD : opens keyboard properties CONTROL COLOUR : opens display properties.Appearance tab CONTROL FOLDERS : opens folder options CONTROL FONTS : opens font policy management CONTROL INTERNATIONAL or INTL.CPL : opens Regional and Language option CONTROL MOUSE or MAIN.CPL : opens mouse properties CONTROL USERPASSWORDS : opens User Accounts editor CONTROL USERPASSWORDS2 or NETPLWIZ : User account access restrictions CONTROL PRINTERS : opens faxes and printers available APPWIZ.CPL : opens Add or Remove programs utility tool OPTIONALFEATURES : opens Add or Remove Windows component utility DESK.CPL : opens display properties. Themes tab HDWWIZ.CPL : opens add hardware wizard IRPROPS.CP

VMware Visio Stencil Templates

Updated: 10/21/2013 It was driving me crazy trying to find these VMware Visio Stencils Templates. Here you go! Thanks to VMToday!

Symantec NetBackup CLI Troubleshooting

Did you ever need to troubleshoot Symantec NetBackup from the Command Line? Here you go! (Commands also work on Linux, Solaris and Windows) C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\ bpps             = list NetBackup services nbconsole        = launch NetBackup Administration Console GUI bpdown -v -f     = shut down NetBackup services by force and show in verbose bpup -v -f       = start NetBackup services and show in verbose C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\admincmd\ bpexpdate -m 123456 -d 0   = expire media ID 123456, effectively releasing the assignment of that tape nbemmcmd -listmedia -mediaid 123456    = show the parameter of media 123456 nbpemreq -suspend_scheduling           = suspend your policies (running jobs are not affected) nbpemreq -resume_scheduling            = resume the policies again C:\Program Files\Veritas\volmgr\bin\ vmoprcmd                     = list devices and media server status (it will say "ACTIVE" if disk and tape are up) vmo

Office365 vs Google Apps

Many companies and businesses have been reviewing the various options of Microsoft's Office365 and Google's Google Apps offerings. It can be very confusing to distinguish between the differences on their offerings for executives, IT Managers, or people responsible for the collaboration and email systems of small, medium, and large companies, universities and government organizations. There are some clear and distinct differences to Office365 and Google Apps that must be understood before making a decision that will impact your organization for 3-5 years of your initial investment. Cloud computing has shifted how we do business and whether you select Google Apps or Office365...welcome to the world of real productivity and cloud computing. This presentation and tutorial will give you all of the information that you will need to help make a sound decision or it will motivate a more informed and educated discussion. URL Link:

What is Healthcare Administration?

When thinking about a career in healthcare, images of doctors or nurses might be the first to come to mind. But there are hundreds of different healthcare careers, from the people who administer the healing to the people who administrate the industry. Doctors and nurses cannot function on their own, and many people work behind the scenes in rewarding jobs at all levels of responsibility and pay. Like any good business, healthcare needs quality managers to maintain a smoothly-running organization. They plan and supervise the delivery of services by doctors, nurses, and technicians. And they can work in small health clinics or major medical centers. Each operation needs someone to track trends in an ever-changing industry and to keep the business on the cutting edge. Healthcare administrators play an important role in keeping the community healthy. Healthcare administrators take on leadership titles such as: Hospital administrator Department or division director Company pr