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How to Become AWS Solutions Architect - Associate Certified on The Latest SAA-C02 Exam

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the King of the Cloud jungle. While Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure are contenders, at the time of this writing and likely a few years into the future, AWS Certifications will put meat and potatoes or salad and fruits for you vege lovers on the table for you and your family for years to come.  Google Cloud Platform is going full-steam ahead though! AWS simply is in much higher demand because it is in most enterprises, schools, businesses, government agencies and healthcare throughout the world, not just the United States. The links below are a practical one-stop shop of where to start. You MUST have hands-on. Do not waist your time or listen to anyone trying to use Brian Dumps, cheat or some other way to try to go around the cold, hard, long and enduring process of actually LEARNING what your doing to be able to support a company and to future proof your career or start and run your own business (ever heard of AWS IQ ?)! Being a Paper T