Thursday, January 9, 2020

AWS Storage Volume iSCSI CHAP Authentication for Windows Server 2016 and VMware iSCSI Datastores

1. Create the VM on your VMware Platform for the AWS Storage Volume Gateway (YouTube:

2. What is not documented anywhere in AWS Documentation is that when you're configuring the ISCSI connection. You have to use the Initiator name that you typed when you configured your CHAP Authentication. Here's how you do it.

Open Notepad or whatever program you use to save notes and paste the Initiator Name and your password so you have it.

3. Go to your Windows Server 2016 box (This is the only OS I tested this on for now) and fire up iSCSI Initiator and then click on connect for the volume your working with.

(iSCSI Initiator Setup: or just YouTube it)

4. Add the Initiator Name next to Name under Enable Chap Log On (make sure this box is checked).

5. Format your drive in Disk Management for Windows Server and that's it folks.

6. This is also the same for VMware CHAP authentication for the Storage Adapter Authentication of ISCSI.



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