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How to Install the Veeam Agent for Linux on Ubuntu Linux

1. You can run a test on an Ubuntu server VM on VMware Workstation or via Virtualbox. 2. Download the free edition for Veeam for Linux agent (Note: The agent relies on Veeam Snap, so you need to install both). Public Repository:  (RPM or Deb Package managers) *Instructions: There is a depedency on dkms. Run which dkms on your server CLI to verify that it is installed. You will get a response /usr/sbin/dkms if it is installed. If it is not installed run sudo apt-get install dkms - y 3. Create a folder for veeam under /opt 4. sudo wget 5. sudo wget FYI. If you use the links here  

Web URL Spaces

The following character set is for spaces in URL addresses since website URL addresses cannot have spaces by protocol. %20 this is used in the case of a space of a web URL