Tuesday, January 15, 2019

How to Rename a Windows 2019 Server from the Command Line

1. From VMware (CTRL+ALT+Insert)

2. Check hostname post installation

3. hostname

4. netdom renamecomputer WIN-BLAHBLAH /newname:WS2016-BLAH /reboot 0

6. Y

7. Reboot

8. Login (CTRL+ALT+Insert)

9. Don't be scared little buddy. It's just the command line. =) The Windows Server CLI experience is not for newbies. Use the Desktop Experience if you find it extremely difficult and PowerShell very hard. It's not like Linux.

10. typing the command sconfig will take you into the base configurations of the server. Remember. Windows Server 2016 does not allow you to just turn on Desktop Experience. You have to clean install a new OS.

11. You need to run sconfig in order to enable RDP, etc.



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