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How to Delete Your Facebook Account

Did you have a real job? Are you an internet age baby (90's, 2000's) and have a job and a real life that doesn't revolve around social media. Do you actually TALK to people and use text messages. Well...let's get your life back. You can delete Facebook and be done with it. If you are going to school, learning something new or important, studying a language, memorizing the Qur'an, writing a novel or planning your trip to a beautiful country where you will be disconnected from the Internet. You can delete your Facebook account. Get out and talk to people! Volunteer or do something actually valuable with your time. 1. Click this link (You Need to be Logged In):  2. The account will then be deactivated for 14 days (It's not deleted yet). 3. Do no login to Facebook. Delete the Facebook AND Messenger apps from your phone. 4. Resist...resist...fight it!!! 5. Find a hobby, learn a language on Duolingo, get

Top 7 Paying IT Certifications of 2016

What certifications actually matter in 2017 and are hot and will actually pay you? DevOps : AWS SysOps : Linux Skills (DevOps/Systems Engineer/Administration) : LPIC - RHCE/RHCSA/RHEV - Azure : Google Certified Professional - Cloud Architect : Certified Ethical Hacker : Nutanix Platform Professional / Nutanix Platform Expert Lastly, you need some kind of college educa