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Cybersecurity Training for Less than $300!!

Ok. Since the IT Market is going in the following avenues and you plan on staying in IT and making more than US $100,000 a year. You need to practice. Also, one of the joys of learning and staying in IT is the ability to resolve the problem everyone learning on the cheap has to do. Even though I can likely buy a fancy schmancy $600 or $1500 laptop. I like to keep it inexpensive and cheap and actually focus on learning. Tools: 1. Chromebook (US $100-$500). CPU's are what jumps the cost. Stick with Intel CPU's. 2. RAM from Amazon (Prime get's it to the house quicker) 3. Crouton (with -e encryption: ) 4. Kali-Rolling / Ubuntu (Depending on if you need VirtualBox to run Window$) 1. Put your Chromebook into Developer Mode (ESC+Restart Key+Power Button) 2. CTRL+D 3. CTRL+D, Machine will wipe into Developer Mode 4. Connect to your wireless and log back in (recreate your profile by enabling your sync) 5. Launch a Terminal Shell (CT