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How to Install Windows 7 or 10 Using VMware PVSCSI Drivers

Ok. So... installing VMware PVSCSI Adapters on a VM is a pain in the neck if you don't know how to do it. So...I want to save people some time. I figured out this is the fastest and less complicated process to get this done. These VM's are good for anything that requires speed. Thanks Carl for your blog for VMware View! 1. Reference VMware KB article: 1a. The trick is to use 2 CD/DVD drives!! 1b. Add your second (2nd) CD/DVD !! 2. Create your VM. Make sure that your CD/DVD IDE is 0:0 or it won't boot to Windows.  VMware Tools .ISO file should be 0:1 . 3. DO NOT use the VMware Tools that comes with the ESXi host installation. Use the Latest VMware Tools. As of this blog entry. The latest VMware Tools release is 10.0.9 . This is the Official Location for VMware Tools. Do not d