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How to enable VMware Update Manager in the vSphere Web Client

HP VIB Depot (New):     Dell VIM Depot: Thanks Jon Munday for the links!  1. Make sure that you are using and have VMware vCenter Single Sign On enabled and active. 2. Verify that you have VMware Update Manager enabled as a plugin (verify that you are running the latest version of VUM. This release is after 6.0U1a . *Remember that you have to have the permissions to see the VMware Update Manager. If you don't see it under your account, check the permissions. 3. After you have verified that you have the latest version of VMware Update Manager * installed on your Update Manager Server ( *This runs from a Windows Server. VMware Update Manager is NOT integrated into the VCSA appliance yet ). 4. When you log in. You should see the VMware Update Manager under Monitoring. 5. Navigate and operate as normal. 6. VMware KB for issues with custom SSL certificates: