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How to Extract Microsoft SysPrep Files for vCenter Convertor

Are you trying to P2V a Windows 2003 Server? Did you download the Microsoft SysPrep files and run them and it didn't work? Ok. Stop pulling your hair out and read further. Have you gotten this error when you download and try to run the .exe file for Microsoft Sysprep? 1. VMware KB for SysPrep Locations: 2. Download error if you just try to run it. (Not enough storage space is available...blah blah blah) 3. Open up Powershell or Command Prompt and put /x after the file name. 4. The files then extract. Wahoo!  5. Copy them to where they belong... C:\ProgramData\VMware\VMware vCenter Converter Standalone\sysprep\svr2003  ( *NOTE: You must copy all of the files from SP2QFE and update to \svr2003\ ) 6. Run VMware Convertor again.