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How to Hide Clear Text Passwords on Cisco Routers and Switches

When you configure your Cisco Router or Switch you need to make sure your passwords are not in clear text. When you pop your new switch or router out of the box and are running configurations the very first time (or if you have to go back and fix it). You want to make sure you're not allowing casual exposure of your passwords: Cisco IOS CLI: SWITCHKING# conf t SWITCHKING# service password-encryption SWITCHKING# sh run SWITCHKING# ! enable password 7 892398498FF1111D ! line vty 0 4  password 7 075E731B7D10987987  login line vty 5 15  password 7 075E731B7D1043434222  login SWITCH# crypto key generate rsa SWITCH# ip ssh version 2 *This is instead of seeing "enable password JimBobPassword or line vty passwords in clear text"

How to Delete Windows Server Backups (Windows Server 2012 R2)

Do you need to delete backups from Windows Server 2012 R2? 1. Go to PowerShell. 2. Type diskshadow 3. Type delete shadows all 4. Type list shadows all