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How to Create GPO Mapped Drives in Windows 2008 R2

Do you need to create a GPO Mapped Drive for Windows 2008 R2? NOTE: If you are still using Windows XP ( SP3 is the Only Supported version from Microsoft ) Desktops. You must install this patch via WSUS (Windows Update) in order for GPO Drive Mapping on a Windows 2008 R2 Domain to work: KB943729 Quick a dirty: 1. Create your AD 2. Create your GPO Groups in AD and make them simple and human readable please people... 3. Now the fun stuff... 5. Tweak to your needs! Have fun... ~MigrationKing

Active Directory Bulk User Import - Using DSAdd User

Need to get a lab live? If you are tired of waisting money and hours on Google searching for Active Directory User Import Tools and commands, just use this Excel File to run a bulk of users in a batch file from PowerShell or Command Prompt. Here is the  dsadd user  command that will be created by the excel file by just adding your users and department OU sections: dsadd user "cn=Migration King,ou=Users,ou=IT,ou=Departments,dc=us,dc=migrationking,dc=com" -fn Migration -ln Migration -samid MKing -upn -display "Migration King" -pwd P@ssw0rd -mustchpwd yes -disabled no ( For people that submit tweaks and fixes, please email support @ and we will add your edits and your name showing who submitted the correction/edits ). 1. Option A: Sign into Google Docs and Copy the template. 1a. Option B. Download a local copy if you are still absolutely addicted to Microsoft Excel. 1b. Option C. Fill out