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How to Quickly Configure Windows 2008 Server Core

Are you tired of long...drawn...out explanations!!!! And you say...Just Give It To Me! Here you go! This is how you configure Windows 2008 Server Core fast on VMware or a physical server if you just want the headache of reinstalling the whole operating system all over again! Just to save you a headache...use VMware. This "should" work on RHEV or KVM, but I will let you know when I try. There is no pathway to upgrade to a full version so if you are scared of CLI (Command Line Interface) and the IT Immortal Internet Searching Dark. Turn on the lights and install the full OS! 1. On VMware ESX/ESXi. Setup a VM (Virtual Machine). Mount from an NFS share or just create an NFS share on Linux (Preferably, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Oracle Unbreakable Linux, or Ubuntu LTS Server for work . CentOS if you are in a lab) and mount it. WinSCP or Veeam is your friend. 2. Select the Iso from the Datastore Iso Images location. 3. You will only need 10GB of HDD Space for AD/GC. 2K8